Automated customer care at scale with conversational AI

Lili Assistant understands and communicates at a human level everything your customers do to maintain a consistent voice for your brand.

Meet Lili, Vozy’s intelligent Voice assistant

Wherever your customers meet your agents — phone, social media, or web chat — Vozy offers them a great customer experience through a perfect combination of AI-powered bots and human agents, so you can reduce costs and increase satisfaction.

Lili is designed to have more intuitive, powerful, and automated interactions. Whether your customers seek self-management or one-to-one personalized conversation, Lili offers a consistent experience across any channel, resulting in a strengthened brand voice.


Customer engagement with natural conversations

We use a blend of artificial intelligence, human understanding, and voice technologies to help your business delight customers. They will be able to communicate naturally in their own words and have the right response to their request.

Unique experiences

Lili virtual assistant allows automated and tailored experiences on any channel, either voice or text. It can have access to the data of any recent interactions that a customer has had with your business, so your customers have a consistent experience and can do more in less time.

Platforms integration

Your existing platforms have become a crucial part of your business. Our conversational virtual assistant can be integrated with different softwares and platforms, from initial integration to continuous training and improvement, we’ve got you covered. So you can speed up time-to-implement it in any digital / voice channel.

Boost customer self-service

Our IVA (intelligent virtual assistant) can automate all kinds of transactions. From repetitive tasks such as telephone surveys and frequently asked questions to complex tasks like registration and lead qualification, Lili can manage it all. With an improved self-service, your customer service reps can concentrate on the more complex cases.

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64% of customers expect to receive real-time assistance no matter what channel they use. (Zendesk)


72% of business executives say they use digital assistants to help make their lives easier (PWC).


90% of customers want consistent interactions through different channels. (SDL)

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