Lili Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why implement artificial intelligence in companies?
Artificial intelligence allows machines to learn how to do a lot of tasks and activities to support human teams. This, among other things, allows companies: Automate processes and do more in less time, save on costs that can be invested in the core of the business, and improve team productivity by impacting the sales outcome.
What modalities does Lili Assistant have?
The contact with the client is based on easy experiences through different channels. Vozy understands the demands of the new consumer and provides the right business solutions to differentiate your company from the competition.

Lili assistant – voicebot
The voicebots are conversational virtual assistants to solve predictable situations with an empathic capacity towards the client. They are based on IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing to answer questions by voice and have an almost human conversation in a simple and effective way. The best thing is that automated systems provide companies with a versatility in customer service that translates into 24/7 availability. The customer experience of the future will be unimaginable without the bots.

Lili Assistant – chatbot
Today, consumers prefer to use messaging applications to relate to brands. Our virtual assistant is capable of processing natural language and keep a coherent conversation with a person through a chat. It is designed to interpret the reason or intention of the conversation, understand the questions and based on that, answer correctly.

Benefits of an intelligent virtual assistant?
According to the American consultant, Gartner, in 2020 85% of interactions with customers will be managed with bots and will be key factors for companies to distinguish themselves from the competition. Besides this fact, Some of the benefits are: reduction of support tickets, interactions between automated systems and customers can occur through different channels, optimization of resources, providing instant and accurate information. But not only for companies. Some benefits that impact the customer experience are: reduction of waiting time, extended hours of service and improvement of service quality.
How does Lili Assistant work?
We understand that each case is different and that is why Lili is easy to configure and train according to your needs.
-We configure the architecture to customize the customer experience according to the needs.
-We process the conversational flow and make improvements for a more fluid conversation.
Lili assistant is trained for the channel / channels chosen for you to provide the best possible experience.
-We test it to make sure everything works.
– After the client’s approval, we integrate Lili into the dedicated channels.
Can I create a personalized price plan?
Yes you can. We are flexible and we want to give you the best experience with A.I. We can assess the needs of each company and what would be the best solution. According to that, a personalized Lili Assistant plan is created.