Before starting the discussion about the strong brand, let’s re-thing over the definition of “Brand.” It is a commonly used word, but the meaning of it is very ambiguous. Brand is not just a logo or its products, but is something invisible and more profound.

Brand – The intangible asset of the company including its ideas, trust, credibility, and market.

(Definition by Bitesize Business School)

There are countless brands interacting with people in their daily lives, and surviving in this competitive world is not an easy task. The message the brand delivers to the customers is more important than the product itself. If the brand does not have the strong and solid message, its products slip away the customer’s mind, and no impression will be left. On the other hand, strong brand talks to people. It creates an mutually interacting relationship between the brand and a customer. Would you like to make your brand strong and impressive? Yes, everybody wants to. In this article, you will find some tips and know how in building up a strong brand identity.

Plan & Develop The Foundation Of Your Brand

In determining the key elements of your brand, always keep in mind that “focus” and “consistency” are the two main pillars directly affecting your business success. Be specific, and stay in that way. Your specific target will follow you if you keep sending the steady messages appealing to them.

Who is your targeted audience?

As the very first step, determine who you are going to talk to. The targeted audience is the mix of internal and external groups of people; it includes customers, business partners, industry analysts, employees, and so on. Keep in mind that the targeted group has to be specific. Do not go general aiming to attract broad range of people. You can answer the customers’ unique needs and concerns only by targeting a specific group of audience.

What are the business goals?

The detailed business plan and concrete business goals are vital for a strong brand identity. Know your short-term and long-term goals so that you can determine the characteristics of your brand based on it.

Main message of your brand

Shape the core message that you want to deliver to the audience through your brand. This is something the customers will receive through your products and brand, which is the most important element forming your brand. It should match to the specific needs and the unique characteristics of the targeted audience. If you are unsure about what kind of messages your brand should deliver, “Brand Building That Inspires People and Impacts the Bottom Line” will help you find out the best brand building idea for your business.

Various Tactics To Deliver Your Messages

Once you decide your core message and the brand identity, the next step is to make a strategy that fits perfectly to your business purposes and goals.

Position your company as influencer 

Online blogs and news letters are great ways to position your company as a leader in the industry. Deliver your messages with the most advanced knowledge or the latest information; of course the information that is related to your brand or the products. As you turn yourself to be an influencer, more and more people will listen to you and share your brand within their personal networks. It will increase the brand awareness and improve your brand image. 

Social media

Social media is the must-use medium to spread your words to wide range of people. The periodic and continuous posts on social medias are effective in two ways; Sending messages to existing customers regularly, and also introducing your brand to the new audience. Each social media has unique features and specific audience patterns. Do not forget to do some researches to determine which social medias fit your business goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is helpful to improve your company’s ranking on search engines. Utilize SEO to make sure that you are going into the proper direction of delivering messages. Your ranking on specific keywords or key phrases should be doing well so that the targeted audience will reach your websites without fail. A good way to start improving your SEO is to summit your company’s blog into a Blog Directory getting it listed in a high authoritative domain.

One Thing You Should Never Do

Dilution is the must-avoid thing when promoting your brand. Many businesses try something new or different in order to engage with the larger group of audience, which often fail to lose existing customers. This is because the non-related messages delivered through products or social media posts often confuse them. What if one day, your favorite Italian restaurant serves you Chinese food while its sign still says “Italian restaurant?”  You went to that restaurant to have some Italian food. No matter how good Chinese food they serve, it is not what you expect from the Italian restaurant. Expanding the targeted customer groups is not simple; you will not achieve it just by increasing the variety of the products.

Dilution And Re-branding Are Different

I mentioned that dilution could lose your loyal customers. However, re-branding is a different story. If you reach the conclusion to re-brand your company, after the thorough considerations, it may help you to improve your business situations. But always remember that “consistency” is the key for the strong brands. Be very careful when you decide to go for the re-branding; do not change the core messages or targeted customers too much or too often. If you are unsure whether you should re-brand or not, the articles “5 Signs It’s Time to Rebrand” and “The 8 Must-Follow Rules for Rebranding Your Company” may guide you to the right decision.

There is no one simple way to improve every brand’s identity. Each brand has unique characteristics, targeted audience, and needs. Even if you copy exactly what a successful company does, there is no guarantee that its strategy works for your company as well. Deepen the understandings of your own company to determine the best strategy for your brand.


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