Redefine customer care with conversational IVR

Offer your customers an intuitive, effective self-service to connect better with your brand

We are the first voice to millions of exceptional customer conversations

An IVR that meets your customer expectations

Engage better with customers, reduce costs, and connect all your channels through conversational AI.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Vozy conversational Interactive voice response (CIVR) allows users to have a self-service with smart, fast, and right answers.

Get ahead of your customers’ needs with the use of frictionless and scalable service that will transform their experiences with your organization.


Better agents performance

Increase your employee productivity with the automation of routine tasks and the solution of general requests through CIVR at any time from any device.

Self-service at scale

Increase the response rate answering to a greater number of users simultaneously, offering quality attention in each interaction.

Better results at lower cost

Work on customer retention by delivering omnichannel service experiences at scale while reducing costs across your customer service systems.

Text-To-Speech neuronal 

Latin America in the Fourth Intustrial Revolution



84% of companies that work to improve the customer experience report higher revenues. (Dimensión Data)


70% of customers say that a positive experience with a company means they will be more loyal.(Vonage)


77% of customers would recommend a company to a friend after having a positive experience with them. (Qualtrics XM Institute)

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